Cash Pick-up and Delivery

The primary service that RCMS offers is Cash Pick-up and Delivery. This service is also our major strength considering most of our other …

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ATM Management Services

Being in the business of safe transport of cash, the management of the ATM machines also largely falls under our purview. Right from ensuring the …

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Bullion Transfers

Our service extends beyond just safe transportation of cash. Equipped with armed guards and latest technology of protection, …

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Cash Van Hire

Radiant provides secured cash van with dedicated crew as per the requirements of banks. Cash vans are also provided …

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Man Behind Counters

RCMS provides clients with a team of highly qualified technical personnel who can take care of the entire billing and cash management …

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Escort Services

We provide armed escorts for valuable cargo as per client requirements and ensure its safe transit from place to place.

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Network Currency Management

Deviating from the usual transport process, RCMS also provides specific services to clients who would like to directly entrust us with their cash …

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Cheque And Instrument

Our services also include cheque and instrument pickup, its processing and delivery. We provide accurate customized …

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Secured Storage Devices

Looking beyond movement of cash and valuable goods, we also take care of storing of the same in our high security vaults. Strictly following the …

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The Customer Relationship Team

From the time that a client takes up our service, the Customer Relation team remain prompt in keeping the client updated on our process, and coordinate with them for any queries or problems that the client is facing with regard to the services. To ensure that our service is impeccable, our communication system is updated with the latest available technology, and provided with uninterrupted internet connection. Real time notification to our clients has been highly effective in reducing the risk percentage and making it easier for us and our clients in the monitoring process.

The Risk Management Team

Composed of highly experienced and qualified ex-personnel from the police force, any deviant occurrence is immediately investigated by the risk management team thereby ensuring that the corresponding goods are perfectly restored and safely delivered as promised. Highly mobile, and always on the alert, our risk management team works together with our operations team to ensure that possibilities of negative occurrences are reduced to a minimum.